Antibiotic Misuse and Abuse

Antibiotic Misuse and Abuse

Antibiotic resistant concept

Despite frequently creating awareness of antibiotic resistance, it is still a major leading cause of death and poses a dilemma to public health worldwide. Does this mean there is still a gap in the understanding of antibiotic misuse among the population?

  • What is Antibiotic Resistance

To put it in simpler words Antimicrobial resistance occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi gain the ability to resist medications that are meant to kill them. This means they can survive and spread and make treatment of infections challenging and perhaps impossible.

  • How to prevent Antibiotic Resistance
    • Only take antibiotics when prescribed by your Physician
    • It is mandatory to complete the full course of antibiotics even if you are feeling well
    • Do not keep antibiotics for later use, ask your pharmacist about how to discard them properly
    • Do not use someone else’s antibiotics or do not recommend your to others
  • Tips to reduce your risk of getting an infection:
    • Maintain healthy habits
    • Get the recommended vaccinations
    • Practice hand hygiene and keep wounds clean
    • Make sure to manage chronic illnesses like diabetes
    • Prevent STDs
    • Be mindful of food and drinks while traveling


Antibiotics are thought of as magic pills, but it is our responsibility to make sure they continue to be so. In order to achieve this, we must always pay attention to our doctors’ advice and be conscious of the potential health risks created by the inappropriate usage of antibiotics.