Cough, disease or symptom?

Cough, disease or symptom?

There are many people who believe that cough is a disease, but the fact is against them because the cough is a symptom, not a disease and it can be normal or indicates the beginning of an illness. For example, you may be coughing because there is something inside your airway like rice so, your body will do this action to expel this thing and keep your airway clear.

Causes of cough:-

Acute cough: – Chronic cough: –
Common cold and flu. Covid-19 (coronavirus)
Laryngitis asthma
Bronchitis Smoking


In our pharmacy, when a patient comes with cough symptoms and asks for medication. firstly, we asked him many questions such as age (kids – children – adult), dry cough or wet cough which are mean coughs with or without mucus, the onset of cough, and other symptoms related to cough such as if there is blood or chest pain with cough. According to these questions, I will decide to dispense medication for him or refer him to the doctor. Secondly, I will give 2 choices of treatment for the patient:

➢ Herbal treatment:-

✓ Honey
✓ Ginger
✓ Bronchicum elixir
✓ Prospan

➢ Chemical treatment:

✓ Senicod (dry cough)
✓ Solomax (dry cough)
✓ Panadol cold and flu all one (wet cough)
✓ Mucosolvan (wet cough)