Effects of Overusing Decongestant Nasal-spray

Effects of Overusing Decongestant Nasal-spray

A Blocked nose is a common symptom of many diseases and allergies; it affects all ages, prevents them from having good nasal breath, and disturbs night sleeping. 

Many nasal sprays are available in the pharmacies to relieve blocked nose including:

  • Seawater sprays: moisturize and clear excess nose mucus
  • Steroid sprays: reduces nasal inflammation
  • Antihistamine sprays: reduces allergic congestion 
  • Decongestant sprays: which provides immediate relief

A decongestant nasal spray that has oxymetazoline provides immediate relief by constricting nasal blood vessels and reducing mucus production, it is a good choice for short-term cold and flu and must be used exactly as directed. Unfortunately, the overusing leads to rebound nasal congestion rather than relieving blockage.

During my work as a pharmacist, I noticed many people using the decongestant spray every day and unaware that the daily use leads to chronic nasal blockage. Although all nasal decongestant sprays are labeled with a warning: “Do not use for more than 3 to 5 days” all pharmacists should mention this information to the patients, recommend switching to a steroid nasal spray or refer chronic congestion patients to their doctor to find the underlying problem.