How to Regain Your Sense of Smell after COVID-19 Infection?

How to Regain Your Sense of Smell after COVID-19 Infection?

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After having COVID-19, you may still notice a change or lack of sense of smell or taste. It may take some time for your sense of smell or taste to return to normal.
Your ability to taste food and enjoy fragrances might be reduced if your sense of smell got affected. It can therefore lead to a lack of appetite and nutrition deficiencies and put you at risk of eating spoiled food or encountering dangerous events such as leaking gas or smoke from a fire. For a very small number of people, their change of sense of smell or taste may be more long-term. If you’d like an instant recovery, there are some tips you can try.

Smell training

The process involves frequently smelling different strong scents for an extended time. We generally recommend sniffing strongly-scented essential oils (rose, lemon, clove, and eucalyptus) while thinking about memories and events involving the scent. Each odor represents a different type of smell, and is therefore expected to help your brain associate smells with objects to facilitate recovery.

Budesonide and Saline Irrigation

If changes to your sense of smell last longer than your other COVID-19 symptoms, it might be due to inflammation in your nose. Budesonide is an anti-inflammatory steroid medication used to clear up sinus inflammation and can help in quicker recovery.

Pulmicort medication

Method of Administration

  1. Dilute 1 budesonide respule in 250mL of normal saline and mix them
  2. Withdraw 20mL from the solution using a syringe
  3. Rinse each nasal cavity with the syringe 3 consecutive times, twice daily for a month

And there you have it! Follow the above steps to speed up your recovery. Treating the cause might help. For example, topical steroid rinses might help if you have nasal inflammation. If there is no inflammation, repeated smell training throughout the day can induce recovery. Remember that the sooner you pursue treatment, the better.
Visit your doctor and ask him if it is suitable to prescribe you Budesonide and discuss treatment goals with him. If you’d like a free pharmacy delivery to your home, Al Thiqa pharmacy is here to help. Send your prescription on our WhatsApp number: 056 520 5480