Al Thiqa Pharmacy Services go beyond the basics

Al Thiqa Pharmacy Services go beyond the basics

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We’ve had one goal since the beginning: “prioritizing patients’ health and earning their trust”. Since then, we’ve been providing excellent care to our patients to get them feeling their best. Our services are intended to improve patients’ understanding of their prescriptions, improve adherence, and guarantee that patients take their drugs safely and effectively. With medication management and education, we aim to improve patient health outcomes. Examples of Al Thiqa pharmacy services are medication delivery and 24/7 availability.

What are Al Thiqa Pharmacy Services?

  • Tohelp our customers experience a different kind of care with our loyalty program (City Rewardz). They will be rewarded time after time for maintaining their health and leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Fast Delivery: A convenient way for patients to receive their medications without having to leave their homes. Sometimes pain and discomfort may be a burden and limit you from visiting the pharmacy. Since this may affect patients’ health, fast delivery is imperative.
  • In addition to being a service, medication education is our duty. Pharmacists are drug experts. They can advise patients about their prescriptions, such as how to take them, potential adverse effects, and how to keep them.
  • Medication disposal: It is vital to have a secure and easy way to dispose of unneeded or expired medications to keep everyone healthy.
  • Accepting major insurance: making medications more affordable for patients leading to improved access to medications and better health outcomes.

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Overall, Al Thiqa pharmacy services can help improve patient health outcomes and make it easier for patients to maintain their health.

Get the highest quality care

By offering these services, we can play a vital role in improving patient health outcomes and promoting medication safety.

To exceed patients’ expectations and deliver effective treatment, we strive to provide innovative services and creative solutions. We presently serve the entire island of Abu Dhabi with 8 branches and a staff of experienced pharmacists to deliver unique services.