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Are you looking for a job? 

Working in Al thiqa pharmacy will enable you to play a critical role in ensuring that people get the best outcomes from their medications and make a real difference in people’s lives. 


Al thiqa pharmacy?

We acknowledge that our employees are at the heart of all we do. We are committed to creating a positive work environment in which employees will thrive, flourish, develop, and have the opportunity to provide high-quality services.

It is your chance to utilize your knowledge, skills & expertise to ensure that pharmaceutical care is delivered accurately. Working at Al Thiqa Pharmacy will enable you to build an enriching career while making a positive impact on a great number of patients.

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We believe that cooperation can make the difference between success and failure. When everyone works together, things can be done more quickly and effectively. We also value the opinions and efforts of individual team members.

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Trust, without a doubt, empowers ethical decision-making and reduces stress and burnout in the workplace. We trust in our staff and empower them to prosper, come up with innovative solutions and ideas, and work in a safe workplace.

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In Al thiqa pharmacy, there's transparency to cause and effect, and everyone knows what to expect in terms of consequences and rewards. Everyone receives respectful and dignified treatment and has equal access to opportunities.

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Good career opportunities

We invest in talents and fuel the desire to learn and grow at Al thiqa Pharmacy, making our employees aware of the chances we continually provide. We attempt to provide various opportunities to cope with the world's changes.

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If you’re keen to help others and want a career in healthcare, Al thiqa pharmacy could be just right for you! If you want to join us, send your updated CV to: