Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Based on the specified due date, last period date, fertility dates, conception date, first trimester ends, or second trimester ends, the Pregnancy Calculator may predict a pregnancy timeline.


Ovulation Date Calculator

A woman can become pregnant (fertile) only at a specific period of her monthly cycle. That is immediately before and during ovulation. You can predict when you’ll be fertile by knowing when you ovulate. A regular menstruation is one that occurs every 21 to 35 days.

Please note that the date you enter in the Pregnancy Calculator may result in an ovulation date that has already passed. This will occur if you are nearing your next menstrual start date.

For women who have regular cycles, this calculator provides approximate ovulation dates and fertile times.

Do not use this Pregnancy Calculator if you already pregnant. This calculator is solely for educational purposes. It is not a replacement for professional health care. For health-related advice, always seek the counsel of a healthcare expert.

Find out the early symptoms of pregnancy. 

Estimated Conception​

The gestational age is calculated using the last period date rather than the day of conception. As a result, by the time a woman misses her period and has a positive pregnancy test, she is generally at least four weeks pregnant.

Because most pregnancies last approximately 40 weeks (or 38 weeks from conception), counting 40 weeks, or 280 days, from the first day of your last menstrual period is usually the best approach to predict your due date. You might alternatively subtract three months from your previous period’s beginning day and add seven days.

Estimation of due date (Pregnancy Calculator)

The due date (the estimated date of labor) predicts when a pregnant woman will give birth. While the due date is frequently approximated as a single day, considering a range of due dates might be beneficial, as only 4% of deliveries occur on the predicted due date. 

A doctor can estimate the due date using a number of different methods, including the last menstrual period, ultrasound, conception date, and IVF transfer date.

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