Flu Vaccine

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The flu vaccine is both safe and effective in protecting patients who are at risk of developing flu complications. It also helps to ensure that everyone has a good time throughout the winter.

We were among the first pharmacies in Abu Dhabi to be certified to provide immunizations and do PCR testing. Our pharmacists completed training certified by the Department of Health to administer vaccinations and perform PCR test(s). 

Participating in this course was an honor; it helps us provide community members with easy access to vital healthcare services, allowing us to fulfill our promise to deliver exceptional care, improve our patients’ health, and ensure their safety.

Why Should You Get the Flu Shot?

Is the flu preventing you from spending time with your family and loved ones?  You can avoid getting sick from the flu and enjoy every moment! Simply, arm yourself with the Flu vaccine.

Getting a flu shot every year is the BEST way to prevent the influenza virus! Find out it you should take the flu vaccine

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