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Hormonal birth control methods contain estrogen OR/AND progestin and bill control pills. However, some people should not use estrogen-containing ones and use methods that contain progestin only. This includes those who:

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A Guide to Birth Control Methods

What is birth control?

It refers to methods of preventing pregnancy. These methods include birth control pills, medications, devices, and procedures.

Which type should I choose?

There are numerous methods, and this is a personal decision. But your doctor can help you decide which type is best for you.

How well does it prevent pregnancy?

While no method works perfectly all the time, some are more effective than others.

What if I have problems with my birth control?

Inform your doctor of any side effects or problems with your method. Sometimes, side effects will go away after a few months. If they don’t, you might want to switch to a different type.

What is hormonal birth control?

Hormonal birth control refers to any pill, injection, device, or treatment that uses hormones to prevent pregnancy.

What if I take medicines?

Some medications can interfere with the efficacy of hormonal birth control. Always inform your doctor or pharmacist of any medications you take.

What are the types of

hormonal birth control?

  • Taken daily
  • Missing pills can increase your chance of becoming pregnant.
  • Usually includes 4 to 7 days of hormone-free pills each month, and you get your period during these hormone-free days.
  • You can skip the hormone-free pills and take a hormone pill every day instead if you prefer not to get a period.
  • You can wear the patch on your shoulder, back, belly, or hip. One type of patch can also be worn on the upper arm
  • Patches must be changed once a week and placed in an entirely different position each time.
  • Wear a new patch each week for 3 weeks and then take the patch off during week 4 in which you will get your period.
  • A flexible ring you place in your vagina that releases hormones to prevent pregnancy
  • The ring should be worn for 3 weeks and then removed during week 4, when the period begins.
  • You can skip periods by placing a new ring after 3 weeks
  • An injection shot every 3 months.

  • A tiny rod that releases hormones in the arm
  • The implant can last for up to 3 years in the arm.
  • A device placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy by releasing hormones.
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