Diabetes type 2 causes and prevention tips

Diabetes type 2 causes and prevention tips

Diabetes type 2 means that your body either does not generate enough insulin or does not use it effectively. It may develop at any age, even in the infant! However, this type is more common among middle-aged and older people.

The symptoms are similar to type 1 diabetes, but they are often less obvious and may not be recognized until years after complications have developed!


The specific cause of diabetes type 2 is unknown, however, many variables that play a role and raise your risk:

  • Obesity, being overweight, and the lack of physical activity.
  • Insulin resistance, a disease in which certain cells do not respond adequately to insulin, is the most common cause of diabetes type 2. As a result, your body generates more insulin, but over time the body cannot produce enough insulin resulting in raise blood glucose levels.
  • Genes and family history

Managing Diabetes

Unlike many other disorders, it is largely dependent on both the patient and the health care personnel. Your doctor may prescribe insulin, other injectable drugs, or oral diabetic medications to help control your blood sugar and prevent complications. It is also essential to maintain your blood pressure and cholesterol levels within the ranges advised by your doctor, as well as to undergo the necessary screening tests.

You will also need

  • Do regular physical activity
  • Get enough sleep and Practice relaxing techniques.
  • Visit your doctor regularly to ensure that you are on track with your treatment plan.
  • Follow a healthy diet as described by a nutritionist
  • Check your blood sugar levels and keep records of the results. Inquire with your doctor about how frequently you should check your blood sugar levels and what values you should aim for.
  • Know the signs of high or low blood sugar and what to do about it
  • If required, administer insulin to yourself using a syringe, pen, or pump.
  • Examine your feet, skin, and eyes to detect problems early
  • Purchase and store diabetic supplies correctly.

Prevention of diabetes type 2

There are actions you may do to help in the prevention of diabetes type 2, including:

  • Lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Getting at least 30 minutes of exercise.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet and drink water instead of sugary drinks and juices.