Disease awareness! Why it is important?

Disease awareness! Why it is important?

Senior doctor talking with patient. Disease awareness concept.

serious impediment to maintaining health. So, disease awareness is an essential and key factor in maintaining public health. It includes everyone knowing the basic information needed about various diseases. Increasing our awareness of diseases makes us better equipped to prevent and control them.

Why is disease awareness critical?

Simply because knowledge is power. Knowing more about the disease can greatly help you maintain your health. Knowing the disease and its symptoms directly affects taking preventive measures and scheduling examinations. For example,

  • Prevention: Knowing the different causes of disease will help you to prevent it and know the necessary preventive precautions to reduce the risk of disease. Preventative precautions may include making some temporary or lifestyle changes for the better.
  • Early detection: Knowing the different symptoms of diseases, especially serious ones, or even conducting a regular examination will help you discover the disease in its early stages. Early detection of diseases can greatly increase the success rate of treatment.
  • Get better results: In many cases, adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you get satisfactory results. Also adhering to the treatment plan set by the doctor can control many diseases effectively.
  • Public health: By promoting awareness of various diseases and epidemics, the spread of various infectious diseases can be reduced. For example, during the Corona pandemic, awareness campaigns helped a lot by encouraging people to wear masks, wash their hands, and practice social distancing.
  • The right action: Knowing what you have to do in some emergency cases and rushing to the hospital in a timely manner may help protect you from many complications that may lead to death.

Disease awareness may be the difference between enjoying a healthy life and suffering from disease, or even between life and death!

Are there diseases you should know more about?

Many of the common diseases nowadays are often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. So, you should know them and avoid the factors that increase your risk as much as possible. Among the common diseases:

  • Heart disease: the leading cause of death worldwide today. Get tips on keeping your heart healthy.
  • Diabetes: You will find at least one or two people you know who have diabetes. Symptoms include thirst, frequent urination, and blurred vision.
  • Cancer: a class of illnesses characterized by the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Symptoms vary depending on the type of cancer.
  • Mental health: In the past, mental health was overlooked, but it has recently increased dramatically and become more prevalent. Depression and anxiety are the most frequent diseases. It has the potential to significantly affect a person’s quality of life. Tips for maintaining your mental health.
  • Infectious diseases: Infectious diseases can spread quickly and cause serious health complications. So, it is important to follow various preventative measures.

How do we raise awareness?

At Al Thiqa Pharmacy, we believe that raising awareness is not a single role. Instead, we all have to participate in it. We always try to achieve this through our Instagram account which contains various tips for dealing with many diseases or how to overcome annoying symptoms. There are also various articles on our blog. Pharmacists at Al Thiqa Pharmacy provide various advice throughout the day and throughout the week.