Braun Thermoscan Hygiene Cap 40 Pieces

Braun Thermoscan Hygiene Cap 40 Pieces

AED 44.10

A Braun Thermoscan Hygiene Cap Ear Thermometer Cover allows precise and hygienic temperature measurement.

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  • Reduces the risk of infections
  • Protects your ear thermometer sensor from clogging up with dirt or ear wax
  • Provides a barrier between the ear and the thermometer, keeping it clean and hygienic
  • Helps avoid cross-contamination if replaced before each measurement
  • Easy to fit and remove, making it hassle free


  • Protects against cross contamination
  • Promotes accurate and hygienic temperature monitoring
  • Compatible with all thermoscan ear thermometers
  • 40 hygiene caps single use disposable probe covers
  • Safe and hygienic
  • Latex and BPA free


  • The lens filter indicator will blink to signal one is needed after the self-check has been done by the thermometer.
  • To achieve accurate measurements, make sure a new, clean lens filter is in place before each measurement
  • Attach a new lens filter by pushing the thermometer probe straight into the lens filter inside the box and then pulling out
  • The Braun ThermoScan will not work unless a lens filter is attached
  • Always replace disposable lens filters to maintain accuracy and hygiene
  • Always refer to the instructions manual before use


Keep out of reach of children