Emoform Protect Tooth Paste 75Ml

Emoform Protect Tooth Paste 75Ml

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Emoform Gum Care Toothpaste is formulated with mineral salts that cure gums, desensitize and protects against bacterial plaque.

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  • Strengthen & rejuvenate the gums
  • Helps to prevent tooth decay
  • Neutralizes harmful acids that cause tooth decay
  • Acts on physiological remineralization
  • Helps to reduce edema, gum inflammation
  • Prevent gum hemorrhage
  • Cares for the gums, desensitizes, combats dental plaque
  • Cleanses gently and stimulates salivation


  • In case of gum problems
  • Contains mineral salt
  • To heal the gums


  • Brush twice daily
  • Do not swallow


Keep out of reach of children.