Flamingo clavicle brace oc2018

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Flamingo clavicle brace oc2018

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The Flamingo Clavicle Brace is a smart and comfortable brace designed to immobilize, compress & stabilize fractures and injuries involving the clavicle bone.

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Works in the treatment of collar bone injuries, fractures and issues such as dislocation, sternoclavicular separation, tendinitis, bursitis, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears and frozen shoulders.


  • During fractures, applies pressure and holds the clavicle bone.
  • Useful in post-operative clavicular fracture treatments and supports bandages and binds the incision.
  • Cures stooping shoulder and hump-back.
  • Straps provide a very strong brace fitting around the clavicle region.
  • Cushioned to provide soft and firm support, ensuring no underarm rash.
  • Figure eight reinforces the correct position
  • Flexibility in positioning.


Wear as the picture on the box illustrates.