Hermesetas Gold Sweetener 300 Tabs

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Hermesetas Gold Sweetener 300 Tabs

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Hermesetas Gold Tablets add the most delicious sweet taste to your favorite cup of tea or coffee with low calorie content

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  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Helps to avoid sugar acid attack and enamel corrosion
  • Provides low caloric content
  • Supports weight management programs


  • Calorie-free sweetener
  • Ideal for coffee, tea and hot beverages
  • The natural sweet taste. Try it and see for yourself
  • Ingredients: Glycine, Aspartame, Emulsifier E 468, Leucine


  • Add to your favorite cup of tea or coffee whenever needed
  • Each tablet contains 18 mg of Aspartame (INS 951). Maximum daily consumption is 40 mg aspartame per kilogram of body weight (133 tablets for a 60 kg adult).


  • Should not be used by phenylketonuria patients and children – contains phenylalanine.
  • Store below 30? C in dry place.