Panadol Advance 96s

Panadol Advance 96s

AED 43.00

Panadol Advance starts to release its medicine in as quickly as 5 minutes ? and still has the safety profile you trust from Panadol.

If No prescription is available, book an appointment with our GP to issue a prescription

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  • 96 Tablets
  • Fast and effective relief of mild to moderate pain including Headache, Muscle aches, Period pain, Toothache, and Osteoarthritis.
  • Relieves fever associated with cold and flu symptoms.
  • Deliver paracetamol more efficiently by breaking it down faster.


  • Take1- 2 Tablets Up To 4 Times Daily
  • Up To 8 Tablets In 24 Hours.
  • Children Aged 6 – 11 Years: Half to one tablet every 4-6 hours as required.