Pearlie White Tooth Polishener Whitener

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Pearlie White Tooth Polishener Whitener

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This tooth whitener is affixed to a polishing cup that rotates gently across the surface of your teeth. This removes tough unsightly stains caused by smoking, coffee, tea, wine and food.

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  • Specially designed to polish away ugly tooth stains and plaque that ordinary toothbrushes cannot.
  • Polishes away tooth stains at home.
  • Can be used in conjunction with any toothpaste to enhance teeth cleaning.


  • Effective cordless tooth polisher and plaque cleaner.
  • Convenient.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Great value, comes with five long-lasting polishing cups which last up to 100 polishes each, and two long-lasting AA batteries for immediate usage.


  • Spread the toothpaste over the portion of the teeth you will polish.
  • Polish each area for 1 or 2 seconds while holding the on/off lever.
  • Do not apply too much pressure. This device has a safety feature that stops if this happens.
  • Clean the product by wiping its body. Then remove the polishing cup and rinse with water.
  • Do NOT immerse this product in water.


Not used for children under 12 years old