Pigeon flexible stream line bottle 150ml

Pigeon flexible stream line bottle 150ml

AED 39.90

Pigeon flexible stream line bottles are made of high quality durable plastic.

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  • Easy for mothers to carry around.
  • Peristaltic Nipple to encourage baby’s natural tongue movement.
  • Ultra-SofT Silicone with its double thickness ensures ideal softness and elasticity so that the baby can latch on easily.
  • The shape fits perfectly onto your baby’s tongue, allowing smooth tongue movement and minimizing air intake.
  • AVS Air Ventilation System: Pigeon Peristaltic Nipple with its Air Ventilation System helps to adjust air pressure inside the bottle.
  • Specially designed projections at the base and the top of the teats allow milk to flow smoothly into the baby mouth
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  • Prevents colic.


  • Crystal Clear Transparency
  • BPA & BPS free
  • AVS Technology
  • Easy to hold & clean
  • Ultra-SofT silicone nipple


  • Use as needed.
  • Hold your baby in a semi-upright position for bottle feeding. Support their heads so they can breathe and swallow comfortably. Brush the teat against your baby’s lips and when they open their mouth wide let them draw in the teat.