Pigeon Soft Touch Wn Glass Bottle, 240ml

Pigeon Soft Touch Wn Glass Bottle, 240ml

AED 46.20

To decrease nipple confusion and encourage smooth bottle feeding, the Softouch Peristaltic Plus teat aspires to be the closest teat to a mother’s nipple.

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  • Prevents colic, helps minimise gas intake.
  • Easy for baby to hold and easy for parents to clean
  • Encourages baby?s natural tongue movement
  • Helps strengthen facial and jaw muscles
  • Helps the baby suck comfortably


  • Feeding bottle to facilitate baby?s natural sucking motion
  • Helps baby to quickly adapt to bottle feeding
  • Made using premium quality
  • Soft nipple
  • BPA-free.


  • Hold your baby in a semi-upright position for bottle feeds.
  • Support their heads so they can breathe and swallow comfortably.
  • Brush the teat against your baby’s lips and when they open their mouth wide let them draw in the teat.