Sinecod Drops 20ml

Sinecod Drops 20ml

AED 16.00

Sinecod Drops is a cough suppressant that is used to treat dry, hacking coughs.

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  • Fast-acting cough suppressant
  • Safe for adults and children over 2 months old
  • Pleasant taste
  • Relieves dry, hacking coughs
  • Allows for restful sleep
  • Improves quality of life

How to use

  • Shake the bottle well before each use.
  • Give Sinecod Drops directly into the mouth or add to a small amount of liquid.
  • Dose

  • Adults and children over 12 years old: 15-30 drops, 4 times daily.
  • Children 2 to 12 years old: 10-20 drops, 4 times daily.
  • Children 2 to 6 months old: 5-10 drops, 4 times daily.