6 Tips to help you prepare for Ramadan

6 Tips to help you prepare for Ramadan

Ramadan, the month of patience, is almost around the corner. Fasting from dawn to sunset every day will result in many changes in your daily routine. So, if you have the intention to fast, you should start planning ahead of time by making small, gradual changes to your lifestyle. These minor changes will help your body accept the new routine and reduce discomfort.

Now is the perfect time to prepare for the holy month and consider the modifications you will make.

6 Tips to get ready for Ramadan

  • Try to get up and eat breakfast earlier each day. This will gradually adjust your sleep pattern and daily routine before Ramadan.
  • Schedule an afternoon nap, if your time permits.
  • Alter the time you exercise or the activity you do while exercising. Also, reduce the intensity of your workout, and replace high-intensity workouts with more moderate ones.
  • Reduce the amount of food you eat to adapt to having two main meals throughout the day. To prepare your body and mind for fasting.
  • Limit your caffeine intake or cigarettes to assist ease caffeine and nicotine withdrawal symptoms during the first few days of the holy month. Smokers can take advantage of this period and the month of Ramadan to quit smoking entirely.
  • Consult a doctor as soon as possible if you have any health issues in the current period. Your doctor will be able to make a proper diagnosis and treat.

Also, keep in mind that what you eat has a direct impact on your health, so plan your meals carefully, choose healthy foods, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Changes in the treatment regimen!

Patients who take medications regularly or those who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, lung disease, and arthritis should consult a doctor to check on their health and to know if it is medically advisable for them to fast.

The doctor can also accurately evaluate your medication and adjust doses to fit the fasting time. The doctor may even change the medicine.

Finally, don’t forget to celebrate the holy month by sharing healthful meals with people and making Ramadan a new beginning. May Ramadan bring you happiness and prosperity.