4 steps to lose weight

4 steps to lose weight

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Have you ever experienced the feeling of waking up early to weigh yourself and discovering that you have lost a few kilos? Definitely, you will feel so glad and proud of yourself. Almost everyone’s dream is to lose weight. Losing weight is not an easy thing as it requires commitment, constant motivation, and determination.

Before we start listing the steps you must follow them. I want you, dear reader, to bring empty paper with a pen and start writing down your goal that you want to reach, then I want you to write ten reasons why you want to lose weight.

Get Rid Of Sugar & Fast Food

Now, let’s start with the first step in our exciting journey to lose weight. First, we must get rid of sugar completely, as well as fast and fried snacks that are full of fat and carbohydrates, because as long as these products are not in front of you, you will not think about them, so you will not eat them.

Eat Healthy Food

In the second step, we must start eating healthy food like vegetables, fruit, egg, fish, chicken, and beef because they are full of fibers and proteins which will benefit our body and give us strength.

Drink Water

In the third step, we must drink a lot of water, it is the basis of all vital activities in our body. Therefore, in a day we should drink about 3 liters of water, which in turn helps us to feel full most of the time. You can also drink tea and coffee at any time, but preferably without sugar or with Plant-Based Sweetness like stevia to help you lose weight.

Do Exercise Daily

Moving on to the fourth and most important point of losing weight, which is exercise. Healthy eating alone helps us not gain more fat, not burn it. So you must take some time in the morning or evening to practice your favorite sports such as walking, jogging, basketball, or even aerobic exercise. all of them are perfect ways to turn that fat into muscle. so you have to start exercising daily for at least 30 minutes from this moment!

Calculate your BMI and ensure that you have a healthy weight.

Finally, your health is important. You can lose weight in a very simple and healthy way by following the above steps. Personally, I lost 35 kg of weight by following these instructions and I hope you benefited from them too.