Blood Pressure Monitor Veroval Compact

Blood Pressure Monitor Veroval Compact

AED 215.25

  • Veroval Compact P1
  • Economic bpm
  • Insurance Claim

If No prescription is available, book an appointment with our GP to issue a prescription

Precise and gentle measurement for upper arm
For those who prefer simplicity and precision in measuring the blood pressure

Cuff size: Universal (22-42cm)

✓ Detects irregular heartbeat
✓ Clinically validated in accordance with EN 1060 and EN 81060
✓ Also validated by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH) and the German Association for High Blood Pressure (DHL)
✓One size cuff for all with cuff fit indicator and comfort air technology
✓ Fully automatic and easy to use for the upper arm
✓ Large display and easy-to-read
✓ Traffic-light system for your readings
✓ Averages of all stored measured values, morning and evening blood pressure values from past 7 days
✓ Memory for 200 readings (100 readings per user, max. 2 users), with batteries included
✓ 3 years warranty
✓ Developed in Germany




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