Disposable Ear Caps Veroval Fever Replacement caps

Disposable Ear Caps Veroval Fever Replacement caps

AED 29.40

Veroval Fever Caps P20

2 in 1 infra-red thermometer from the ear and the forehead with replacement caps for the ears

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Replacement caps (20 pieces) for Veroval Fever

Single-use protective caps for Veroval Fever in ear measurement mode

Intended to be used together with Veroval® Fever: Place a new, protective cap on the tip of the thermometer’s ear sensor until the protective cap icon is shown on display.

The disposable protective covers allow a very hygienic measurement of human body temperature in the ear and helps to prevent cross-contaminations and infections by bacteria or viruses.

Only use HARTMANN single-use protective caps for replacement.
Using other brands can cause errors in results.


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