Should you take Influenza vaccine?

Should you take Influenza vaccine?

Flu vaccine concept, influenza vaccine vial sitting on a desk

It is the best time to start preparing for winter, and the influenza vaccine is one of the most important and simple precautions that can help most people protect themselves from influenza. Flu may cause a lot of sadness and tiredness in the winter.

Why is the influenza vaccine important?

Influenza is an acute viral infection that is highly contagious. Although it may infect anybody, it is especially dangerous for pregnant women, kids, the elderly, and those with chronic diseases, and can lead to life-threatening complications!

The influenza vaccine is safe and effective and helps protect people at risk of developing complications from the flu. So, get your vaccine if you

  • Are 65 years of age or older
  • Are pregnant
  • Have certain health conditions
  • Work in the medical sector or provide healthcare to the elderly or disabled
  • Have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Although it is recommended that most adults get the flu vaccine, some people should avoid getting it such as

  • Those who have had a serious allergic reaction to the flu vaccine in the past.
  • You are allergic to eggs because some flu vaccines are made using eggs.
  • If you have a high temperature, it is best to wait until your condition improves before taking the flu shot.

Is the flu vaccine effective?

The efficacy of the influenza vaccine varies every season. It depends on the age and health of the person receiving the vaccine, and the similarity of the viruses in the vaccine and the person infected with it.

What is the best time to get the vaccine?

The answer is to “receive the shot before the flu virus spreads,” which makes September and October the optimum months. However, you still have time to get the vaccine! because the flu season reaches its peak in February and can last until May.

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Are there side effects of the vaccine?

Side effects of the influenza vaccine are often mild symptoms such as soreness, redness or swelling, mild headache, fever, nausea, muscle aches, and fatigue. It is not necessary to have all of these symptoms. You can also strengthen your immunity and take manuka honey and vitamin D pills to prepare for winter with strong immunity. You can order everything you need from Al-Thiqa pharmacy.