No worries with teleconsultation!

No worries with teleconsultation!

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Need to see a doctor but don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting? Or are you waiting for your health insurance to be activated after enrolling? Teleconsultation is right for you if you cannot make it to your doctor’s clinic, or require medical attention in the comfort of your home. Our doctors can still meet you virtually with detailed descriptions of your symptoms, so that you don’t have to worry about missing out on any important information.

As a leading pharmacy in Abu Dhabi that aims to provide unparalleled medical care, we have taken another step forward and cooperated with top-notch medical clinics to provide distinguished medical services and provide what patients need by providing remote consultations in many specialties.

How does teleconsultation work?

Video consultations with experienced doctors wherever you are and at any time. Just a few taps on the screen, and you can get answers to your questions about your health or your diagnosis. All practitioners adhere to ethical and professional standards, have a high degree of experience, and specialize in many medical fields.

What are the benefits of teleconsultations?

Teleconsultation provides an additional solution to follow up with the doctor at any time or any place within Abu Dhabi. This service gives you many advantages such as:

  • Speak to a specialist doctor without a waiting period.
  • Consult a specialist doctor if your health condition changes.
  • Benefit from a detailed explanation of the diagnosis and your condition.
  • Get regular medical follow-ups.
  • Enjoy privacy.
  • Free telemedicine consultations.
  • Get your medicine delivered from Al thiqa pharmacy while you are at home.

Before talking to a doctor

You will need to share information about your medical history and symptoms. In addition, you will need to answer some questions to help the doctor know how you are, assess your current condition, or diagnose your condition. Then you will meet with the doctor through one of the video conferencing programs. Based on the doctor’s evaluation, he will give you some instructions, such as medical advice to control the condition, a prescription, set a follow-up appointment, or recommend a visit to the hospital for additional examinations.

Do you need to consult a doctor now? There is no need for delay. Just click here and choose the condition you want to consult a doctor about and ask some questions.